Forex Arbitrage

The recent developments in the Forex business indicate that there is an increased number of traders who employ special trading algorithms which take advantage of broker's price feed inefficiencies. This kind of trading is known as arbitrage.

Your are probably aware of the B**L*******g service and all the trouble that caused to major Forex brokerage firms.

It is highly unlikely that your brokerage firm has not fallen a victim of arbitrage trading, if you claim the opposite then soon you will find out the hard way.

What We Offer

Our price feed monitoring service provides exactly what you need in order to detect immediately price feed anomalies and catch the toxic traders who take advantage of them.

  • We monitor your data feed 24/7 and detect price feed anomalies, such as lags and freeze which open arbitrage opportunities

  • We provide you real-time detailed reports with interactive charts displaying feed problems

  • Inspect how your feed propagates ticks during high volatility periods such as the NFP release time

  • Compare your price feed against other brokers' feeds

  • No need to install or modify anything on your trading servers

  • Same day setup

  • And last but not least you get an invaluable ally who knows what is going on the underground Forex scene

Notice: Due to the nature of the service provided, we will be able to serve only financial firms.

Contact Us

For more details please contact us. We will respond only to financial firms representatives, so use your business email and real name.

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